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Inquisitively researching and restoring typewriters for the 21st century.


Welcome to Venneburg!

Venneburg Typewriters is the adjoined collection and ‘buy, sell, fix’ consortium of friends Dirk and Sean. Under a partnership umbrella they work on guiding typewriters in their survival of the 21st century. Venneburg Typewriters came forth out of a $3.00 thrift-store acquisition, which brought home a 1960’s Underwood standard typewriter that sparked an interest for these machines particularly in Dirk. Shortly thereafter he befriended Sean when he showed interest in various typewriters that were for sale on Craigslist. Discovering they both shared a notable interest in most things vintage, they decided to team up to progress and refine their collections, knowledge and enthusiasm. Ten years later, they still very much enjoy hunting, fixing and talking typewriters all over British Columbia, and have become very knowledgeable on the mechanical and historical aspects of typewriters. Whether it’d be an unusual ‘Hermes’ re-branded FK Mala portable typewriter from 1939 Poland, or an ordinary mid-60’s Japanese made Brother, Dirk and Sean can talk endless about each and every typewriter.


Please visit the contact page or use the social media links below to get in touch. 

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