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About Dirk


Dirk is an undergraduate university student in the Bachelor of Art program at the Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He was born in The Hague, Netherlands and moved with his parents and two brothers to Canada in 2009. After learning to speak English from scratch, and adjusting to the Canadian culture, he graduated from Wellington Secondary in 2014 to attend V.I.U. studying a Major in Digital Media and a Minor in Creative Writing. Much like his family, Dirk has a passion for most things creative, whether it’d be drawing, writing, photography, film, as well as a never-ending love for vintage technology, mainly typewriters. Along with his friend Sean he established Venneburg Typewriters, from where he collects and restores vintage and antique typewriters.

Venneburg is Dirk's imaginary city. It is his place of serenity, and now  has created his brand with it. Venneburg is the "umbrella" for his work, his art and creativity. His sketches usually revolve around his imaginary city, with completely imaginary scenes.

Geographically, it isn't really depictable what Venneburg looks like. He drew a map of it once, but could not  dedicate to it, and it frequently changes. Neither is it known in what country it lies, or what year it is in Venneburg. Architecture can be modern but residents still drive around in 1970's cars or use 1930's photography equipment. It's a bit like Donald Duck's "Duckburg". A different dimension perhaps?


"A Busy part in Venneburg" - October 2018


Venneburg published in the November 2018 Edition of V.I.U.'s "The Navigator"


In the media

Eyes on B.C. Magazine - May 2012
Nanaimo Daily News - September 2012
'The Daily'- Shaw T.V. Nanaimo - April 2012
CTV News V.I. - September 2012
Shaw T.V. Victoria - October 2012
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