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Venneburg Typewriters

By Plante & Doole-Fisher


Venneburg Typewriters commenced after Dirk became acquainted with Sean many years ago, through an advertisement listing various typewriters for sale. Concluding they shared an uncommon but passive interest in collecting and repairing typewriters, they decided to team up in aiding the surivival of these machines in the 21st Century. Throughout their endeavours in finding the many machines they have encountered, understanding their technical ingenuity and rich history, and meeting the people that linked the typewriters with their stories, a diverse and particular collection stemmed forth out of the many years of hunting, as well as knowledge-filled partnership, which has seen the typewriter return from having been many years in a dusty attics and forgotten corners to becoming a revived and popular device, that has transferred from being a conventional office necessity, into a creative and artistic devices that earned a definition and analog purpose in an otherwise hyper-technological world.

Dirk has been acknowledged for his typewriter-collecting and various writing projects by the media in the early 2010’s as the “Typewriter Teenager”, at the time known as “Doctor Typewriter”. Sean Doole extended his love for vintage and antique technology past the typewriter and build his mechanical and historical knowledge on the endless spectrum of vintage audio/video technology, photography equipment, era-linked stationary and clothing and antique cars.

Along with the Antique Typewriter Collector’s Facebook group, the Plante & Doole-Fisher partnership tries to reintroduce people to the wonders of the typewriter, the potential that they could still have in this digital age, and there historical and cultural relevance that is frequently overlooked.

Find below a selection of photographs representing Dirk and Sean’s adjoined collection as well as various takes on their endeavors as they collect and restore the machines that come and go through their hunt. There is also a summarized overview of the Venneburg Typewriters Facebook page, as well as the Typewriter Database, a website with the largest typewriter serial number database known to be on the internet, that might be able to help you in dating your typewriter.

Collection Insight
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