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About Sean


Sean is a Heavy Equipment operator who works and lives in the Comox Valley. Originally hailing from the South Island and graduating from Frances Kelsey Secondary in 2011, He has an adamant passion for most things vintage; Be it typewriters, vintage radio and television equipment, office stationary or mid-century fashion. From the seat of “Bluebird”, his 1981 Checker Marathon, Sean and Dirk go on frequent endeavours to uncover that which has been long forgotten, and breath new life into the technology of yesterday.

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Part of his adventure is seeing where new and old fits together, as well as the way time, events, and people shaped the world in which we live and have inherited. History can be viewed more impartially as time goes on; It inevitably is, and the experience & flavour of that time is lost by then. That is what he attempts to preserve, in small ways, small windows to the past, starting with the writing machines that changed a century.

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